About Us

Stand by to board !

Hi, i'm Tella Tella... I'm a pirate girl... searching for the most precious treasure. My journey is never-ending... Filled with countless steps and each of them will mark the conquest of a new discovery: The wonder of little things! The same wonder that can only shine through a child's eyes when they satisfy a little curiosity: touching a flower, smelling its freshness, its scent and even trying to eat it. My goal is to let adult people see again with the eyes of a child. Keywords: curiosity, simplicity, conquest, because Tella Tella it's you! I'm hidden inside you. Let your mind be free from the thousands thoughts of everyday, for just a moment, and let your fantasy guide you again... Find out with me, step by step, the wonders around us and you will realize that the most surprising things are all around you. You just need to look at them in a different way...

Give me your hand... Join the crew... Stand by to board!